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Excalibur Registrations

Excalibur Registrations was founded in 1998 in Warren, Michigan by a group of ISO 9000 Lead Auditors for the Purpose of providing significantly higher value added registration services than those being provided by existing registrars. They were convinced, that with the right kind of audit process, the client would gain valuable insight into their business and improve all aspects of their business operations. The founders' ideals are imbedded in the Excalibur audit process. Excalibur auditors are selected and trained to embrace those core ideals and processes. Excalibur provides its clients with registration services to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 series of standards.

Our auditors are selected and trained to look at your Quality Management System and audit the processes for compliance to the standard, implementation of the system within your organization, and the effectiveness of your organization to provide your clients with the product or service they requested. In addition they try to identify opportunities for improvement and not just non conformances.

Our management team and auditors understand that impartiality during the carrying out of our certification process is of great importance. We also monitor for any conflicts of interest within our organizations. By doing these things we ensure the objectivity of our management certification process. Your comments or concerns regarding any issue with impartiality or conflict of interest are important to us. Please use the "contact us/feedback" feature on this site to inform us of your concerns or potential issues.

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