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Is your company currently ISO 9000 registered? Is your registration really working toward the goal you've set?
  1. Does your current registrar/auditor
    • keep you aware of standard changes and requirements?
    • provide audit services that are constructive and not adversarial?
    • provide audit services that include standard interpretations?
    • provide audit services that challenge you to improve your system?
    • provide audit services that ensure that your system maintains its conformance to the standard?
    • provide audit services that are tailored to your company not to every other company?
    • understand your business and system and properly apply the standard requirements?
  2. Has your management system evolved since you were registered and does it provide a value-added addition to your company?
  3. Have your procedures been changed and continue to improve your company's operations?
  4. Do you feel the ISO journey has been a valuable effort and it has returned the cost of implementation?
If you can answer most of the above with "yes" - Congratulations! If not, consider talking to us!